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Who We Are

History and Culture

Civilization has made significant progress since 1858 when Hajoca was founded. Central heat and air conditioning, indoor plumbing, luxurious and safe kitchens, and good sanitation: Hajoca helped build these amazing improvements, and they have fueled Hajoca’s success.

Today, Hajoca sets the standard in the wholesale distribution of plumbing, heating and air conditioning, industrial pipe-valves-fittings, pool and waterworks supplies for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure construction.

Hajoca is a company based on the principles of “Service, Integrity, Reliability,” and on relationships of trust and support with teammates, customers, and suppliers. Hajoca is all about the people, who give us our advantage, and who will guide us successfully into the future.

History of Hajoca

Core Values

Hajoca is founded in four Core Values.

  1. Fairness & Caring
  2. Trust & Respect
  3. Generous Listening
  4. Straight Talk
Our Core Values have guided our business throughout the years and have helped shape us into the outstanding company that we are today. We expect our Managers to lead by example and seek out talent whose values match our own.

core values

Freedom in Decentralization

Although Hajoca is a large company, we work in a decentralized environment where each of our locations, called Profit Centers (PCs), is run by the Profit Center Manager as if it were their own small business. A typical Profit Center consists of a warehouse, counter, sales office, and (sometimes) a showroom. Our PCs conduct business under unique trade names and offer a customized business approach, honoring what’s special about each local marketplace.

The National Support Center (NSC) is dedicated to enabling the success of our Profit Centers. NSC teammates provide Profit Center Managers with the essential services they need to run their businesses.

The teams throughout our company operate like family units. Our teammates enjoy large-company advantages (such as modern technology systems and a comprehensive benefits package) with a small-company feel.

Hajoca was built by individuals who were comfortable with autonomy and accountability, skilled at smart decision-making, and relished in a hard-working environment – and we continue to hire teammates who possess those same traits. Our culture is well-suited for exceptional people who use their talents to drive business and share in the financial success their efforts yield.